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Every Saturday, I post a short story here on the blog. Recently it’s been a serial called Ransom – and it’s written by you guys. Yeah, you heard that right! Interested in learning more? Check out this link to find the installments and get yourself caught up. If you’re interested in writing a piece, feel free to contact me with your submission. 🙂

The Mission

First off, welcome to Sword of the Penmaiden! Thank you for visiting. 😉

I am a Christian. As such, I strive to honor my King with my words. I want to change lives, to confront and challenge people’s worldviews, to cheer them on in their walk with our Lord. I’m here to make the world a better place. I want to write stories that portray the wickedness and horror of this world accurately (but cleanly) so that the light of goodness can shine all the brighter.

I want to make you feel hopeless, to make you wonder how in the world these people can go on with all the darkness gathered around them, so that when you reach rock bottom you can look back and say, “I know a good end is coming.”

I want to encourage you, excite you, breathe life into you.

I want to inspire you.

That is why you are reading this. Because I’m striving to complete this mission with everything I have in me. You’ve supported me just by visiting this page, which is AWESOME. If you want to help me out some more, go ahead and follow me, or sign up for my email list, or comment on a blog post. Or rant about Lord of the Rings with me. 😛

So be you a writer, reader, bored human being, or alien from Mars, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for visiting. 🙂

Latest Posts

Who Am I?

Good question.

My name is Joelle. Or so they say, anyway. My name could be Glarbsteinsteinfurd (GLAHRB-sten-sten-furd) and I just decided to go with something shorter.

You’ll never know. *evil look*

I’m a dreamer, bookwyrm, horse lady, LOTR/Wingfeather Saga enthusiast, chocolate lover, and avid coffee hater.

I have PCD (post-COVID-disorder), which basically means that if I randomly smell pizza or the casserole tastes like root-beer popsicles, everything’s normal.

I’m a Christian, too. I believe that God exists, he loves his creation (including you), and that the Bible is completely and undeniably without error. I am willing to discuss matters of faith with you, whatever your belief. 😉

That is who I believe I am. (Then again, I could be a stalker trying to steal your bank information so I can use your cash to take over the world.)

You’ll never know. *evil grin*


I post stories every week and a review of a popular book or movie once a month. Interested? Check out previous posts using the buttons below. (:

Take courage, pursue God, and smile while you still have teeth!!

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