28 thoughts on “Single Line Story Challenge Tag

  1. Eeeeee those were awesome and definitely inspired me!! 😀 I loved the romance one even though you say you haven’t tried it before, lol it was so good! Haha I didn’t realize they were more than one line until you pointed that out… I’m not so great at condensing things either. Oh well. *laughs* Amazing job!!!

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    • *whoops and pumps fist* Mission complete! Oof, glad you enjoyed it. Romance is… *makes skeptical face* It was kinda interesting to try it out, though. *wonders what in tarnation I’m going to do when my characters decide to fall in love* *immediately separates all characters to prevent that possibility*

      ‘Eeeey, welcome to the Club of Non-Condensers!! *high-fives*

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  2. Whoo-hoo, I got tagged again! (Which means I really need to do with tag sooner rather than later.)
    But Joelle! These were amazing! And I think your romance was quality. And Jonathan! (He’s one of my favorite under-mentioned guys in the Bible.) Anyway, amazing job. This was so much fun!

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  3. Ooooohhh! Those were really good, and definitely got my brain cells going XD. I especially liked the fantasy one! And the romance one was awesome too! Aww poor guy XD
    Yaaaa I’m not the best at condensing things. Like, at all lol.
    This was so fun to read! Awesome job! 😀

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  4. Ah, man we missed this….and then looked at it and were like, “Oh, come on Joelle!!!” All three sisters groaning, how are we supposed to write a story in one line!? Is it even possible? Doesn’t sound possible, but we’ll give it a shot…lol…
    In all honest thanks for the tag! We’ll probably fail miserable as every time we try to write a short story it turns into a novel, but it’ll be fun!

    Also, awesome prompts!!! Wow!! We buzzing!! Which is good because we gotta go write *looks at time* like right now before it’s time for bed. Thanks again!

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  5. (Now the whole internet knows I don’t go to bed early… XD.)

    This is REALLY A EXCELLENT IDEA, three cheers for whoever made this up!!! And I know everyone else has already said how great the Jonathon sentence was, but I’m going to say it again, I read that and it blew me away. If it were a book I would have started reading it right then and there! What an AMAZING concept! (I hope you consider writing more about it someday! ;))

    Haha, tagged again, like promised. *looks at Twi* *looks back at you* Yeah, this is going to be really interesting, I can already tell. XD

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    • XD (Sorry if that was out of place… I can edit it if you’d like. ;))

      *cheers with you* I have no idea who made it up, but whoever it was was a GENIUS. 😛 Ha, glad that one was such an intriguing one! You should write a story for it… *hint hint*

      Can’t wait to read it! 😀


      • Haha, that’s alright, I like to make fun of it too… XD I would totally go to bed early and wake up early if it weren’t for two things: work, and me having the inability to stay quiet at 6 a.m. I am my clumsiest at 6 a.m., I promise you. 😂
        Oooo, now I want to. *adds that to the long list of would-be stories* but it was technically your idea though…
        *looks at the half written post* …that piece of craziness. Trust me, we’ll uphold our reputation: “Twi & Louise, tag-breakers” I hope we don’t get arrested or anything *looks for the tag-police*

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      • Ohhh really…? *begins making plans to raid your castle at 6:00 am precisely* *not that I’m ever late or anything*

        Here! *signs document giving you permission to have idea* *puts idea in your hands and pushes you towards door* There! Now you can write it and let me read it too! *grins*

        “Twi & Louise: Tag Breakers”. Heeeeeey, that has a nice ring to it. 😛


      • I need to stop giving out secrets to potential invaders…
        *calls to a soldier* SECURE THE BATTLEMENTS!
        Soldier: *ends up being my brother* huh?
        Me: we’re doomed… unless she’s late, *raises eyebrow at you*
        THANK YOU! *begins writing story*
        Haha, thanks, we’ll have to stick that on the site somewhere, just for laughs.

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      • Potential Invader! Who would have thought? XD He’s not big on sugar, that won’t work. My sister however… she’d take the chocolate. And as we were conquered she’d look at me innocently as if to say: but she had candy!

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