Story Day!! (Or not)

Hola! *waves* Joelle went to a women’s conference over the weekend, which means Joelle’s brain is dead. Which means the only content of this post is to tell y’all that the giveaway has ended and a winner has been selected and notified. More on that on Monday! Now, Joelle needs some sleep, so Joelle is going to poof.

*Joelle poofs*

Review: Aquaman

I’ve always had a soft spot for superhero stories. Something about having unnatural powers and using them for the greater good has always intrigued me – especially when you link those powers with a bunch of other superheroes so you have this great big awesome team of individuals whose unique powers compliment one another like the pieces of a puzzle.

*happy sigh*

(Disclaimer: I have yet to see Marvel. I know, I know. I’m working on it.)

So it should’t be surprising that I was hooked into the idea of Aquaman the minute my dad mentioned it. An underwater superhero? How much cooler can that get?! Plus, the pictures were amazing. Seriously. Like… how. Take a gander if you don’t believe me:

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Author Interview: Micah Collier

In case y’all haven’t noticed, I’m starting to spotlight other young writers every month through interviews, book spotlights, cover reveals, and more. If you have noticed, good job! Your suspicions are now confirmed. ;P

Today’s interview is with Micah Collier, a guy I met through The Young Writer’s Workshop. Micah loves Jesus with everything in him and I’m so excited to share his advice with you. Let’s dive in!

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Story Day!!

Whelp, no one was able to counter Annabelle’s awesome cliffhanger last week, which means I get to take up the reins! ;P Will we rejoin Norah at home, fighting to forget secrets we don’t even know about? Or will we visit Slade in his imprisonment, with friends (or enemies) around every turn? Or mayhaps we’ll continue with Dylan’s predicament – or did it really end that way?

Keep reading and you’ll find out. >:)

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Birthday Surprise: ATOTB Sneak Peek!

Today is a very special day, my peeps: September 14th, the birthday of two of my main characters, Irad and Gilead. Fifteen years ago, in a galaxy land far, far away, the future of the Zoarish Empire was forever changed with the birth of twin half-breeds to a Shilonite queen alone among foes. As such, it is my pleasure to present you with the prologue for A Tale of Two Brothers, which happens to have occurred on September 14th. Interested? Read on. 🙂

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